Photography Terminology – What Is a Telephoto Lens?

How The Long Focus Attachment Works For Photographers

The art of photography often requires different types of tools. The preferred tool used at any given time depends upon what the photographer hopes to achieve. Since the purpose of each piece of equipment differs, it would be helpful to have a working knowledge of each one. As a result, photographers will be better equipped to select the right tool. This selection will allow them to take better shots of their subjects.

One important feature of the camera is the lenses, which vary in appearance, design, and purpose. For example, there is the long-focus type that is used in general photography as well as cinematography. With the special attachments, the focal length is longer than the physical length. They comprise a special group of lenses. Their purpose is to lengthen the intake of light, while simultaneously decreasing the overall design and effect.

The long-focus attachments are designed to capture different depth of field. Therefore, they are divided into two groups, medium and super. The former covers about thirty through ten degrees and the latter between eight degrees through one and below. They are designed to enlarge images that are at a distance and to affect the appearance of targeted images.

Usage of a long-focus device provides great safety and security measures for wildlife or dangerous territories. Because of the lenses’ ability to make the images appear closer than they really are, wildlife photography can be approached with less fear or intimidation. Without venturing up close, great shots can be taken quite easily.

There is a whole normalizing focus that comes through the lenses. The subject can be clear, while around it is blurry, or vice versa. The lens will make the desired section more distinct or pronounced. The preferred section can be the background or the actual object. Their capability to make the size and distance between objects look normal, makes them favorable for landscape shoots.

The long-focus attachments are referred to as a telephoto lens. There are varying agreements about what amount of degrees qualifies the depth of field. What is agreed upon, however, is the functionality. The angel of view is the unique feature that makes them special. With their long focal length, they produce a narrow angel of view. Consequently, the length of sun rays is extended. This is in contrast to the regular cameras’ short focal length, which produces a wide angel of view, and the sun rays are shortened.