Green Screen Works As Best Backdrop

Green screen or Chroma key technology is a technique for compositing pictures or various frames into one where a tiny color from one image is removed to enhance the other. This happens when the object in front is made transparent so that the object behind it can be clearly seen. The technique is as well recognized as ‘color separation overlay’. Some although do make use of blue color too but green is the best hue since it is sensitive to the sensors of camera which is able to capture elements that are essential to get a striking result in pictures and videos. One of the most common examples to be referred to here is the weather broadcasting where we see the meteorologist standing in front of map however in reality it is a plain backdrop and later that backdrop is substituted with world or national map.

How the process works?

The principal subject is pictured or filmed by making him stand in front of a single color backdrop, especially green, which is thought to be furthest away from skin tone. The portions of the video, if particularly spoken about using the technique in films, matching with pre-selected hues are replaced by another alternate video or image. In today’s time, green is the color that is mostly used in backdrops. The green channel contains the least noise and has the capability to produce possibly the cleanest mask. Also, another benefit that you get by using this color in the backdrop is that there does not arise a need to have too much of lighting because of its high sensitivity to sensors.

The most important part comes when the foreground has to be separated from the background and until now blue was the color that was brought into use. Along with green screen backdrops in the kit, there are other tools and a body suit that is worn by the subject given that the person needs to be overshadowed by other objects in the video or picture. There are a lot of blockbuster movies which have as well enjoyed the benefits of this technique.