Nikon 10-24 Lens – How Wide Can You Go?

When it comes to a high-quality ultra wide-angle lens that is designed for capturing the details and variances in landscapes and architecture, the Nikon 10-24 lens is a strong contender. Following in the footsteps of many premium lenses manufactured by Nikon, this variable lens offers features such as a 2.4x zoom, extra-low dispersion glass elements and an up-close focusing distance. In order to discover more about this particular lens, a review will be conducted that examines the product specifications, benefits of use and claims made by Nikon in regards to this lens. Outlined below is a summary of these aspects that will help anyone make the right decision when considering this lens.

The first part of this lens review will be the discussion of some of the product specifications of the Nikon 10-24 lens. The lens construction consists of a set of 14 elements in 9 groups and there are also 7 diaphragm blades. There are 2 extra-low dispersion glass elements and 3 aspherical lens elements that work with the super integrated lens coating to help reduce lens flare and ghosting. The maximum angle of view in DX format is 61 degrees and can go all the way up to 109 degrees. This lens measures approximately 3.25 inches by 3.4 inches in shape and weighs just a smidgeon over one pound. Continue reading “Nikon 10-24 Lens – How Wide Can You Go?”