Preparation For Newborn Photographs

What to wear- nothing! I usually photograph them in just a diaper, naked or wrapped in a blanket. If you have a cloth diaper cover that works even better. Clothing does not work so well for newborns as the clothing is usually too big for them and the shirts often get scrunched up around their necks. Its best also if the parents have black clothing that can also be used as a backdrop for close up shots of the baby. If you are having your photos taken in the hospital, please bring something black or dark/neutral in color so that we can use that as a backdrop for the baby.

Newborns hate getting their clothes taken off! Most newborns will get fussy when you take off their clothing. One thing that works really well to get the baby ready for pictures is to take off their clothes, wrap them up in a simple solid colored blanket (do avoid the hospital blankets as they are white and not as artistic) and then feed them if they are fussy and hungry. That way, when they are finished eating, they are calm and ready to be photographed. It also helps to wrap them in a warm blanket from the blanket warmer or a towel out of the dryer. If it is a home visit I ask that you turn up the thermostat to 75-80 degrees. Newborns are used to a very warm womb and get cold very easily. As long as they are fed and warm, I can usually capture great pictures. Continue reading “Preparation For Newborn Photographs”

Canon 55-200mm Lens

Photography experts would always be one in saying that what brings about a picture of good quality in terms of brightness, sharpness and color is the lens of a camera. This is the part the sees through the image that will be captured and produces a picture that preserves the moment or the subject. As time passed and the technology of the world improves, several innovations have also been made in this line to the benefit of the industry. Lenses as we know it is not anymore the simple round device attached to a camera. There are now several attributes that has to be considered when choosing a lens.

For one who is just starting out in the craft, choosing the right lens for his camera can be a little tricky. The most expensive ones are not always the best so one has to be more discriminating with the features of a lens before buying it. What a photographer wants is a lens that gives sharp picture that shows so much more than the objects itself. There is a long list of lenses available in the market so finding the right one will require time. From among the many however, a Canon 55-200mm lens is among the best. Continue reading “Canon 55-200mm Lens”

6 Black and White Photography Tips

Photographing in black in white is one of the best ways to create timeless, classy, artistic, and interesting photos. But it’s not as simple as taking a photo in color and converting it to monochrome! Follow the tips below to ensure the best results possible.

1. Photograph in RAW – Not everyone owns a camera with the ability to shoot in RAW. And a lot of people who have the ability don’t know how to do it. But shooing in RAW gives you more control when you’re editing the photo later. You can still shoot great photographs in JPEG, but if you have the ability you should definitely try RAW.

2. Photograph in Color – If you don’t have the ability to shoot in RAW, or just don’t want to, at least shoot in color. Although it may sound counterproductive to shoot in color when you want black and white photos, that isn’t the case. Having color in your photo gives your software more information to work with when you’re editing it later. Most digital cameras have a “black and white” mode, but it doesn’t give the best results. Continue reading “6 Black and White Photography Tips”